Policies & Procedures

Class Ratio

Service Age Child : Teacher Ratio
Play-based Playschool 2.6 – 3.5 years 1 : 8
Montessori 3.3 – 6 years 1 : 10
Montessori – Irish 3.3 – 6 years 1 : 10

ECCE Classess are a ratio of 1:11 according to ECCE guidelines.


It is the policy of Tiddlywinks & Scallywags to offer equal access to children and their parents/guardians inclusive of special needs, cultural, financial status and religious orientation.  We focus on ensuring that every child feels safe and welcome at all times, while providing the highest standard of care and commitment.

Fees and ECCE Scheme

We are participating in the goverment funding for a free preschool year. The effect will be that eligible children will be able to enter the scheme and avail of one year of free pre-school education. The free place is open for 38 weeks per year and for 3 hours a day.  See OMYCA guidelines for more info.

Late Fees

A fee is levied for the late collection of children.  It is charged at the rate of €5 for every five minutes late.

Settling -In

Settling-in is an interim stage in the transition between home and the outside world.  Due care and attention must be paid to a child’s need for time to settle-in to school.  We aim to ensure that children feel safe and secure in the absence of their parents/carers.  Individual arrangements will be made with parents about how best to help settle their child.


Tiddlwyinks & Scallywags is committed to ensuring the safety and care of all children on arrival and departure from the premises. To facilitate us, please ensure that:


Partnership with Parents

Tiddlywinks & Scallywags recognises the importance of working in partnership with parents/carers to promote the best interests of the children enrolled. Parents are encouraged to play a key role in the education of their child/children and Tiddlywinks & Scallywags will support them in this endeavour.


Our children, staff and parents have the right to voice their opinions and concerns.  It is our policy to welcome all suggestions and comments in relation to our  school.   Comments or suggestions can be made to any member of staff, or posted into our comments box.


Tiddlywinks & Scallywags recognises that information, records and teacher observations pertaining to children enrolled are treated as confidential and private.


Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunity for children to learn is a fundamental aspect of the Tiddlywinks & Scallywags curriculum.   Our aim is to provide open access for every child and family to participate in the service’s activities.  We promote equal opportunities through a wide range of policies and procedures which are reflected in the practice of our early years setting.

Positive Behaviour Management

Tiddlywinks & Scallywags sets high expecations of behaviour through encouraging and praising good behavoir.  We apply simple rules fairly and consistently.  Under no circumstances do we use any form of punishment.  We encourage children to respect themselves, each other and property.  We aim to provide a happy and caring enviroment with challenging activities.  In the case of a particular incident or persistent unacceptable behaviour we always discuss ways forward with parents/carers.  Please ask to see a copy of our full policies and procedures for further information.

Conflict Resolution

Taken from Play-based


Tiddlywinks & Scallywags offers a range of learning opportunities for children which are appropriate to each child’s stage of development. The service is fully committed to being guided by the principles of Siolta and the new curriculum framework Aistear.


Children receive individual attention. The curriculum covers a broad range of activities that teach practical life skills, sensorial education, mathematics, language and literature. Also taught are cultural topics including biology, music, art, geography, science and history.  Teachers are committed to the development of each child as an individual.


Children construct their knowledge of the world as active learners.  Learning is approached as a process of direct experience with people, objects, events and ideas.  The role of teachers is to prepare the environment to encourage emerging interest.

Child Observations

By observing how children respond to taught activities, staff can evaluate whether the needs of all children are being met.  This enables teachers to plan a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum. Such observations also allow staff to challenge and extend the programmes so that each child is able to progress to their full abilities.  All observations and records will be treated with confidentiality.  It is our policy to share observations with parents/carers to strengthen the partnership between home and Tiddlywinks & Scallywags.

Child Protection

Tiddlywinks & Scallywags observes the policy and procedures set out in Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children.  A copy of this document is available on the premises.  Tiddlywinks & Scallywags may consult with a suitably qualified individual in the child protection and welfare field in order to assess whether or not a report is warranted.  All allegations are taken seriously and standard procedures for reporting allegations to the HSE will be followed without delay.  For information on our Designated Child Protection Person and Reporting Procedures, please ask to see the entire Policies and Procedures Document available on the premises.


Part of a child’s development is to experience fresh air and access to a variety of outdoor experiences.  Please be advised that there a strict policies and procedure guidelines for outings.  See the full list in the Policies and Procedures document at the school.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an important part of our daily curriculum at Tiddlywinks & Scallywags. We aim to ensure that children play outdoors every day weather permitting.  Our intention, through our outdoor programme, is to enhance gross motor skills, co-ordination, balance and body awareness.  It also gives children opportunities to socialise freely and use their imagination and initiative.

Inclusion of children with Special Needs

Tiddlywinks & Scallywags works for the successful inclusion into the service of children with additional needs.  We work in consultation with our staff,  parents/guardians and other professionals and/or agencies working with the family to determine the additional resources required to meet the functional and development needs of the child, and to determine the suitability of Tiddlywinks & Scallywags in meeting these needs.




In the event of sudden illness we will contact parents immediately about our concerns regarding their child’s health and wellbeing.  Parents may be asked to come and collect their child.  Children with an infectious disease or headlice must remain out of school until the symptoms have passed.  Please ask to see a full copy of  the Policies and Procecures for further information.

Emergency Closures

School may close due to emergencies.  Advanced notice will be given if appropriate.  If the school is required to close when session has begun all parents will be contacted and arrangements will be made for the collection of children.

School Suppplies

Please send in the following supplies to school with your child:


Please feel free to call, write a note, or speak to a member of staff directly if you have concerns or questions about your child’s education.  We are always available to schedule a meeting to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your child.