Early Intervention Class

Our Early Intervention Class blends a Montessori curriculum and incorporates a range of group and individual learning and play activities, circle time, structured and free play, story time, snack, music and movement activities, and outside play.

Following an initial assessment, an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P) is devised for each child. Tiddlywinks & Scallywags believe that parents are the primary educator of the child and we aim to work closely with each family during the assessment, planning and implementation phase of their child’s curriculum.

The Montessori Method of Education is both a philosophy and a rational for guiding a child’s growth. It’s based on the child’s need for freedom with limits, and a carefully prepared environment, which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences, through which intelligence is developed as well as physical and social abilities. Children need adults to expose them to the possibilities of their lives, but children themselves must direct their response to those possibilities. The Montessori Method is above all else a child centred programme which integrates all aspects of the child’s development and therefore takes a holistic view of development.

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is the application, within the learning and play environment, of evidence based behavioural principals to lead to positive behaviour change. Partnership with parents is at the heart of our practice and it is through collaboration that we can ascertain each child’s interests, strengths and areas of need and employ reinforcement to capitalize on interests and address needs.